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Olymp Werk GmbH Introduction
Pelletstar_Pellet_Boiler NAV One4All Multi Fuel Heat Centre
Olymp Sunstar Solar Panel
HCGroupe Water conditioning, Pressurisation, air and Dirt Removal

Olymp Biomass Boilers are fueled by wood, Chip or Pellet. They cater for installation up to 499kW, for larger installations, the boilers may be cascaded.

Towel Warmer navOlymp Aluminium Radiators transmit heat 4 times faster than steel. This means that an Olymp AluRad will be smaller and considerably lighter than a steel radiator with the same heat output at the same flowOlymp Electric and Dual Fuel Radiators temperature  Because of their low water content they can result in savings of up to 30%.

SOLARSunstar Solar Panels typically provide 70% of hot water requirements, and, depending on the design of the system will give cost savings on fuel used for heating making considerable cost savings

HC8S Water Conditioner and Pressurisation/Degassing unitsHC Water Conditioner and Pressurisation Automats for heating or chilled water systems. The multifunction units are available with various options to enable water conditioning to suit the local water quality.

The unit is also availabe as a combined muli-function pressurisation and pressure step deaeration unit and as an pressure step deaerator alone.

One4All Multi Fuel Heat Centre One4All Heat Centres combine various heat sources, e.g. wood, pellet boilers, heat pumps, solar etc. The  integral storage unit and sophisticated controls can result in up to 10% more annual efficiency.

HC8S Water Condi Pressurisation/Degassing unitsHC Pressurisation and Pressure Step Degassing Automats for heating and chilled water systems. The units have multiple functions, System pressurisation, top up, pressure maintenance, expansion, air and dirt removal. 

HCN Pressurisation Unit The HCN, A wall or floor mounted pressurisation unit, single or twin pumps, providing pressurisation and top up is also available

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